About us


Prior to the emergence of Renewable Energy technology, the world completely relied on coal, oil or natural gas for energy needs. These sources of energy ultimately fall short of nation's need and demands, becomeing too expensive and damaging the environment. However, sources of Renewable Energy e.g Wind and Solar are constantly and naturally replenished, never running out. Schwaib Nig. Ltd. offers you the best products and technologies in the solar industry while ensuring total customer satisfaction through emphasis on high quality products and competitive prices.

For over a decade, we have been marketing, supplying and installing water pumps and solar power equipment. We market and distribute some of the world's best brands by top-notch manufacturers such as Grundfos Pumps (Denmark), Solarworld Modules (Germany), Trojan Batteries (USA), SMA Sunny Island (Germany), Newmox Batteries (Korea) etc. We offer an experienced, progressive and growth oriented management team combined with dedicated, well trained Engineers and professionals so as to enable us serve you well. Our forte includes the design, installation and maintenance of:

  • - Water supply for Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural uses.
  • - Off-grid and grid-tied Energy solutions for Home owners, Offices, Communities, Health Facilities and Learning Institutions.
  • - Waste water solutions

We also offer:

  • - Premium quality products.
  • - Just in time delivery
  • - Total quality management
  • - Industry standard installation, testing and commissioning of projects.
  • - Full warranties on all our products

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients get maximum value for their money.